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So many options…


There are just so many ways that someone can get themselves out there on the internet. I have been looking around for a good place to create some internet presense, and ultimately this blog is the place I have deemed most worthy to be my home base on the internet. Although there are tons of other options for blogging, as well as site creation.

Here are the online services that I use that can be a good place to express oneself online and/or to collaborate with others.

  • Google Sites
  • A great wiki-like site for collaborating and sharing files. You can post files, embed images and Google Documents, as well as Youtube videos, and leave comments on any page on the site. You can also invite other people to collaborate on the site through email (kind of like in Google Documents) and even open up your site to the public so anyone can view it. And much much more!

  • This is a great place for collaboration and sharing files. There are just so many uses for this webapp, as it’s probably the best file sharing and collaboration service I’ve seen. The only downside is the upload limit of 100MBs. But each drop has it’s own phone number + extension assigned to it, so anyone can call your drop and leave a voice message! There’s also a conference call phone number on each drop, so you can make conference calls for free. You can also print out business cards that have the web address of your drop, as well as the phone and conference call numbers on the card! There are too many features to list here, but I highly suggest you check it out at

    Well, I guess there’s only two (for now). There are so many other webapps and online services I find useful, and I’ll be sure to write about them in future posts.

    On a side note, I’m proud to say that I’ve written this entire post in HTML! I know it’s all basic stuff, but I’m getting there. I just can’t wait ’til my new classes start! This was good practice for what I’ve learned so far. I’ve been getting most of my information from the links I supplied on the right of my blog, under the label “Good Web Design Resources.”

    Another thing on my todo list is to take a really awesome picture for my blog header image. I want it to shine, and it’s not up to par yet. The widgets on the right –> are a little more difficult to organize than they should be. I might want to reorganize them.

    Anyway I covered a whole lot on this blog post, and I hope I didn’t bore you (the reader). Catch ya later!

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