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Got internet back


So I just got my internet back. Thank you God! Finally!  I can’t believe how dependent I was on the internet as my sole form of entertainment.  I was dumbfounded on what I should do with my time.  In my free time I’ve been jamming on my guitar, and writing some html documents.

What’s cool is that I can edit HTML and CSS in a Google Document.  That is so cool!

So I’ve been thinking about the way I surf the web and maybe I can find a way to surf better.  I am so ADD so I usually have at least 6 tabs open at once.  The main browser I use is Firefox.  I rarely ever have more than one window open, because I find that it takes up too much RAM that way.
The sites I use most are,,, (for all my Google needs),,, and more.  I usually have at least one Google service open at any one time, whether it be Google Docs, Gmail, Google Reader, etc., but having too many of those open will slow down my browsing experience.  Too much Javascript action going on there.
I’m always either listening to a podcast, watching a vodcast, or watching tv shows on  Some of my favorite shows I watch on Hulu include:

  • The Daily Show with John Stewart
  • The Colbert Report
  • Family Guy (of course)
  • Naruto
  • etc. (there’s so much more I haven’t had time to watch)

The movie selection at Hulu isn’t the greatest, but it will get better over time. Also, most of the anime on Hulu is only offered with Japanese overdubs and English subtitles.  I don’t mind that much because I find that there is more expression when it’s spoken in Japanese. Then again, I’m sort of facinated with the Japanese language and I plan on learning it someday. But I like the Japanese voices in Naruto better than the English voices. When it’s spoken in English it just sounds too childish. And this show isn’t childish at all.

Also, the original Opening and Ending theme songs are showed in the version offered on Hulu. I think it’s great. They change the opening theme and closing themes about 2 to 3 times every season, and they’re always good songs from popular Japanese artists.

Anyway, I just got a Twitter account and you can find it at That’s all for now!

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