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Sharing photos…best way?


Good thing I dont participate in all these

Good thing I don't participate in all these

I’ve been trying to share photos easily throughout my entire web presense but it is too tiring to upload the same photos over and over again to each and every site I have. Every time I take some new, interesting pictures w/ my phone, I have to first transfer them to my computer; then I have to upload them.

And I upload them to almost 5 different sites every time!

I have to find a way to easily share my photos and embed them in each of the web sites I’m involved in. I’ve heard good things about Flickr…but I don’t have a full-fledged digital camera yet so it might not be worth it.

Also I usually upload interesting photos to my drop at, since they have such a cool way of displaying photos, and you can embed photos from easily as well.

I’m also concerned about an easy way to backup my photos, as well as other files that are important. I haven’t installed a decent backup program on my computer yet, so all the backing up I’ve been doing is manually dragging and dropping files from one hard drive to another. Right now I own a 160GB Maxtor external HD, which I use for all my backing up.

I’d burn DVDs, but it takes too long and…I don’t have a DVD burner (yet). I’ve registered for a Mozy Home account, but it requires a desktop app to work. I also have a account, which is great for sharing any type of file, but you can’t upload folders.

Should I just point all my friends to my Flickr account?

The main social network I use is Facebook, and I use it mainly for personally keeping up with friends’ activities. Most of the people I know don’t have a Twitter account, (here’s mine by the way), and it’s a shame because Twitter is great.

But most of the friends I know just the status updates on Facebook and Myspace to do the same thing.

I still think Twitter is better. People can post short URL links that you can actually click on, whereas with Facebook and Myspace, URLs that are posted don’t show up as Hyperlinks and therefore, aren’t clickable.

You can post messages to multiple social networks at once with tools like Friend Feed and

The fact is…each social network out there wants you to host your photos with them. I just have to choose a main social network to host my photos. I don’t think there will ever be a service that allows for photo uploads to multiple social networks at once. You can do it with text, but images is different.

Although there is a service out there that allows for video uploads to multiple video hosting sites… but I forget the name of it.

Any comments?

Edit:  This post covers way too many topics at once.  In the future I will be more concise in posting about different topics.

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