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My Code Monkey cover


Edit:  This recording was actually done using just the computer mic.  Just me and my little practice amp.  I will redo this song using the recording technique I’ve described below…it’s going to sound much better.

Here is my cover of the great song called “Code Monkey” by Jonathon Coulton.

Here‘s a link to the original (bonus!).

I figured since the song has a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License, I can make a cover mp3 and give it away.  My cover is craptastic…made with Audacity.  Used a Line 6 amp…wiring the headphone-out into the line in jack in my computer.  Vocals are done with this crappy computer mic that I have…I hope to get a nice XLR audio interface for my computer and to get a nice condenser mic.  Someday, somehow…also the lyrics are on the same page as the link to the original.

Maybe in the future I’ll make a better, more awesome cover of this song.  Jonathon Coulton is awesome!  Buy some stuff from him!

P.S.  He, nor no one else is paying me to say that.

P.P.S.:  I’ve made some more covers and songs to post to WordPress, and I haven’t yet, but I will shortly!  Stay tuned!

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