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Cover of “I Don’t Wanna Spoil the Party”


Another beatles cover

Here is another beatles cover by me.  Hope you like it!  I did this little ditty with free software.  Used Audacity.

The fact is, I’m actually not using any real audio interface.  I’m using just the audio inputs and outputs all computers have.  Although some computers only have one 1/8″ jack for both Line In and Mic In.  My computer has one Line In jack and one Mic In jack.

I recorded this by having Audacity record from the Wave Out mix, and I wired my little Digitech RP200 pedal to the line in jack and had my computer mic hooked up.  Then I unmuted both inputs, and hit record.  This enabled me to record both my guitar and my voice at the same time.

The craptastic mic

The craptastic mic

The only downside is that my computer mic isn’t attached to a stand so I had to secure it somehow while I was playing guitar.  I just set my keyboard on top of it to hold it in place.  And the downside of that is I have to lean over to get close enough to the mic.

Now balancing the levels is a challenge.  You have to set it just right so that the mic is at a slightly higher recording level than the guitar.  The guitar is obviously a lot hotter than this crappy little computer mic.  And I had to adjust it so it wouldn’t clip.  Maybe I’ll do a screencast on how to do this someday.  It’ll be titled “How to record vocals and guitar using no recording gear.”

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