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Eastbound and Down is hilarious, and some other thoughts


Eastbound and Down is hilarious.

Whenever I write a post in WordPress I feel that it should be a long post.  Twitter is for short posts and WordPress is for long, thought out posts.

I haven’t gotten a account yet, but I will shortly.  I have been using Friend Feed and I haven’t found a way to post messages to all my social networks and blogs at the same time.  I have found ways to post feeds from one service to another.  Twitterfeed allows you to post feeds from your blog or any RSS feed directly to your twitter account.  Facebook has a feature for importing an RSS feed into your Notes.

RSS is really great.  I want to learn XML.

I have been posting on Tumblr a lot, but it seems like a WordPress blog has a better chance of being viewed.  I need to get used to WordPress as it will be my blogging software once I buy a domain.

I don’t know what I should use as a website host.  I’m thinking about using GoDaddy, but I want to shop around for cheaper alternatives.  I have found a couple of sites that allow for free blog hosting, but I’m afraid that they will display too many ads.  But what’s cool is that I would be able to use more themes…and custom HTML and CSS.  I have found a list of good hosting companys on Lifehacker and other sites, but I haven’t found many that are free that allow for free custom domain names.

Tumblr seems like such a good blogging platform, and it’s all free.  Custom domain names are free, custom HTML is free, custom CSS is free, and there’s free mp3 hosting as well.  The downsides are:  you can’t create additional sites like you can in WordPress, you can’t really comment on Tumblr posts, and there’s no way to create a cool blogroll widget on the sidebar.  Also there’s no easy way to add other widgets on the sidebar as you can in WordPress.

I just found out about Tumblr’s Twitter integration.  It’s amazing.  It is a full-on Twitter web client.  And any short urls that are posted on Twitter are automatically lengthened on Tumblr.

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