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Internet is back online


Well I have my internet back. I bought a Netgear Wireless G PCI Adapter and it seems to be working great. I had to really clean out my computer when I opened the case…it’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned all the dust out. There were huge clumps of dust and dirt clogging up the fan and clogging the airways. My PC now runs a bit quieter now. I’m catching up on the latest Tekzilla episodes and such.
I also bought a new Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC card and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve uploaded the entire Beatles discography onto the card, and I’ve been jamming out on my phone. My truck has a nice little line-in jack and it sounds great.
I have an LG Chocolate 3 and it acts as a nice MP3 player. The only hangups I have is the lack of any real equalizer settings. The EQ settings it does have are minimal:
Bass Boost, Vocal (Mid) Boost, Treble Boost, Concert Hall (kind of a spatializer), and Classical (a mid boost and a high cut).
My Sansa Clip sounds a lot better but only has 1GB of space available. Eventually I will invest in an iPod Touch.
I have found a way to upload videos and vodcasts to my phone so I can watch shows like MSNBC Countdown on the go for free.

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