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me at pattenburg

Rockin out at Pattenburg

Two of the best ways to share photos throughout multiple social networks are and  But which one is better?  There are several advantages and disadvantages for using each service.

Right now, I’m in a dilemma.  I am trying to share this photo across all my social networks.

I want my friends to be able to see the photo and be able to comment on it.  Both services offer photo hosting and allow comments, but differ in some ways.  While is useful for hosting and sharing files of any type, is capable of hosting and sharing images only.

I have a couple of options here.  I could upload the photo to through email, or through email. actually uses to post to multiple social networks.

Now here’s what happens when sharing a photo through

You send an email with an attached photo and a little comment to your address (which can be found here:’s message will look like this:  [image link] [comment].  People can then click on the link to see your photo, and post comments. also supports direct photo uploading to social networks that support it (like Facebook and Tumblr).  So people can see the photo on those social networks without clicking on the link. can be used the same way, but differs in some ways.  To share photos on in the same way as Twitpic, you first must configure to post to your social networks using  Currently, doesn’t directly upload images to social networks that support direct uploads.  So photos uploaded to in this manner will not be directly uploaded to networks like Facebook and Tumblr.  This is because currently uses only for it’s text posting capabilities.  This might be because wants you to go to their site and comment on the photo there.

In conclusion, both sites are great for sharing photos a’la Twitpic.  If you want to keep your photos hosted in one place, and plan to post files as well, then use  If you want your photos uploaded to multiple social networks, use

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