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I felt like Tweeting on, s…


I felt like Tweeting on, so I switched my theme to P2. Not sure how long I will have it as such, but I’m excited about my new site. I’ve just registered my first domain and bought a full year of web hosting…and got both for less than 10 dollars. $9.27 to be exact. I’m experimenting with the differences between and, and the different themes are astounding! It’s just a shame that some themes aren’t available for the software, and vice-versa.
I was thinking about actually importing this blog into my hosted WordPress blog, but I decided against it in the end. I am proud of this blog, and I feel that my posts are pretty interesting. People would enjoy reading my posts (if I actually had readers). But now with my new site I can now take advantage of all the free web2.0 tools that are available…like Google Analytics, Google Apps (which I use for Mail and Calendar) and various embedding tools.
Certain things aren’t allowed for embedding on blogs. The only videos you can post are videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
Well anyway, I’m just experimenting with this theme and I might change it later.

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