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Professionalism in Musicianship, and Tension


I’m tired of dealing with musicians who don’t know how to play.  If you want to solo over something, you should learn how to solo in the key that is being played.  I need to get with a better crowd.  I need to put myself up on Craigslist or something.

What I really need to do is get with a band that acts professional.  I don’t want to jam anymore.  I want to play good music.  Jams are never good unless everyone jamming knows what they’re doing.  And even so it can get old very easily. I want to play organized music with an organized band. And everyone should know their place and know their parts.

I want to play covers, and start writing my own music.  I also really really need a drum kit.  Drums were my first real instrument (I played piano first, but drums was the first instrument I got really excited about.)   I have always loved the rhythmic part of music the most.  Music sounds horrible if there is no rhythm.

The definition of music is this:

  • an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner

Anyway, I need to get with musicians who know their theory and who are just as excited about organized music as I am.  I want to play music that has some call and response involved, as well as tension.  Tension is a key concept in music theory, and is a great tool for writing.  An example of tension:

  • If you’re playing a song in the key of C, and you play a G7 chord, the listener expects you to go back to the C chord.  And the more that the G chord is held, the more tension builds up.  When finally the C chord is played, the listener feels a release of tension.

I will be recording a bit more.  I will install the demo version of FL Studio and make some drum beats.  FL Studio is great with drum beats.

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