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I love WordPress


I think WordPress kicks so much ass that now I have 2 seperate WordPress blogs!  I now have a website that is using software.

I have been learning about the differences between and  The bottom line is both have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you just blog then is the way to go.  Although you can’t customize themes (without paying), you do get more convenience and features.

For instance, in

  • It is much easier to embed an mp3; just use the shortcode “[audio:URL]”. There’s no extra plugin to install.
  • You get Akismet spam protection and the stat screen.
  • You have access to exclusive themes not available in
  • You can easily subscribe to fellow blogs, or add fellow blogs to your Blogroll with a click of a button.
  • You don’t have to worry about maintaining your own site; handles everything!
  • If you want to directly upload mp3s to your posts, you can purchase the storage upgrade in
  • You can use your blog as an Open ID service!

The main advantages of are:

  • Complete customization of each theme, and complete access to your database.
  • Ability to add more themes and plugins to your blog.
  • Ability to create your own themes, if you have the editing chops.
  • You control everything.
  • You can embed anything.  No restrictions. only allows embedding from certain sites.

I have been reluctant to release the name of my site on any of my public blogs, since my domain name is my first and last name.  Then again, I see everyone else doing it (,  So I shouldn’t be that concerned.

I found this amazing deal on for a one day sale on a year of hosting and a domain for $9.25.  I couldn’t think of a better deal out there, so I went for it!  So far I haven’t had problems with Dreamhost, and the one-click install of the WordPress software couldn’t have been easier!

Here is my new site:

I will still be posting to this blog, so don’t worry!

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