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New Tekzilla ep. – Interview with Matt Mullenweg


Matt Mullenweg is on this episode of Tekzilla.  He answered questions from the twitter community about WordPress development, and the ways of blogging.  Version 2.8 of the software has been released.  Some new features added are:

  • Added “CodePress” (Syntax highlighting for editing theme files).
  • New Screen Options menu for every page.
  • You can browse the entire theme directory and install themes right from your dashboard.
  • Redesigned widget interface.  To find about more about this release, read this blog post.

A question was asked about whether software would introduce a WYSIWYG editor.  They already have a WYSIWYG editor for blog posts.  The question probably referred to whether WordPress would add a theme editor in the same style as Squarespace‘s editor.

Squarespace’s editor is a WYSIWYG editor for the actual theme of the blog.  Everything is customizable with it’s proprietary GUI.  You can do the same thing with WordPress, but it is more difficult.  You need programming and web development experience to create a WordPress theme from scratch.

Squarespace is a company that offers a combination of cloud hosting, and an amazing site design platform.  It isn’t open source, so you’re paying for those features.

I do think that Squarespace is an amazing platform for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of coding knowledge and wants to control every aspect of how their site will look.  But I think that open source software will reign supreme.  That is why I will continue to use WordPress.

I’m not saying that I dislike Squarespace.  In fact, I like them, and I think the services they offer are phenomenal.  I just enjoy supporting open source projects.  Also, I like the fact that if I grow dissatisfied with my webhost, I will always have the option of taking my WordPress blog with me and have it look exactly the same at another webhost.

Now here is a counterpoint.  As far as I know, people who host with Squarespace aren’t required to use Squarespace’s proprietary design platform.  They can write a site from scratch if they so choose to.  I’m not sure why somebody would do that, but it doesn’t hurt to know that it’s an option.  At that point you’d still be benefiting from Squarespace’s scalable hosting platform.

Anyway, I will continue this debate of open source blogging vs. proprietary blogging another day.

via Tekzilla, ep. 92
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