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A facebook rant + updates


Really…I mean, come on!  Facebook is now everywhere.  And I mean everywhere. There’s a “like” button on almost every website, and almost every modern corporation has a Facebook page.  Facebook has really become the social network of choice for many many people.  I mean, most, if not all of my friends have a facebook account.  People post their lives on Facebook, and most people don’t think twice about how their privacy might be breached using Facebook.  They just want to be social.

Facebook is mainly a way that people can keep in touch with all their friends, but without actually calling them or emailing them.  Who even uses email or instant messaging clients anymore?  Facebook does both of those functions pretty well.  I used to use AIM, and then I used Pidgin, but now their both almost obsolete when you can do pretty much the same thing with Facebook.

But anyways let me update my profile pic for WordPress.  Go to my band’s website at and my Youtube channel at

Also, I’ve been listening to Weather Report‘s Forecast: Tomorrow box set.  My favorite song is Havona, and you can check it out here.  Havona is I think one of Jaco Pastorius‘ best compositions, if not the best.  Yes, Jaco wrote that.  But he didn’t write Birdland, which is another great Weather Report song.

Here is a Steve Vai live video called “I Know You’re Here.”  He uses a custom 3 necked guitar, with the top neck attached to a synth somehow, in an open F# tuning, the middle neck is fretted and in standard tuning, and the bottom neck is in some type of E tuning, possibly Esus2, and is fretless.

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