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An Email asking for advice.

Normally I wouldn’t post anything like this, but this is an email sent to me from an unknown person. The names on this email are swapped out with placeholder names.

Hey ***,

I’ve just been yelled at by [my manager] for bringing a book into work and reading it on the overnight shift. This has pushed me in the decision to quit —— and find a better employer. I’ve called ——— back and they were about to tell me that they’ve passed on my application, but I convinced the manager to call me back and now we’re due to talk about customer service issues this Monday after ——. I’ve explained to the ——— manager that I am well acquainted in customer service experience and that I’m not very good at being interviewed. I am also not one to be looked over. He/she agreed to see me on Monday, but anyway…

Back to Louis yelling at me for bringing in a book. It seems to me that he’s displaying the wrong message to me and a few other employees. Although he yells at me for having a book, my co-worker Bamboni will bring his [Game System] to overnight work and play it all night long. This is the kind of thing I’m seeing, is that he’s allowing other employees to bask in the fun of a game while I’m reading a book for education and that’s not allowed. The fact that I break my back every night cleaning while the gas pumper gets to sit in the booth all night doesn’t seem right to me; doesn’t make me think very highly about my job.

So I’m currently winding down on my way to sleep; it’s almost 9am and I will have to wake up at 2 to be at work at 3pm again today.

Other things I see is the laxed attitude he and his employees have towards certain issues. Smith, an employee of —— willfully denies a sale of a sub any time he can, and this is looked over by the higher ups. Joe Shmo, another employee, is in trouble for clocking in way too many hours and going into overtime, whilst not being productive; but this has happened more than once and could’ve been prevented if the manager was paying better attention to what was going on with payroll. &%$#(, another employee, is charged with being lazy too many times, and she gets a much bigger rate of pay than I. He/she also has been rumored to commit the act of stealing, but alas, he/she still works there.

These are multiple reasons for a revolt in the way things work at the ——. This is due time for change. How do you think I should go about talking to Louie about this? Or should I go straight to Human Resources? I think that Louis should listen to what I have to say, because I’m done being stepped on without a chance to rebuttal (stand up for myself).


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