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A Night at the Pattenburg


Last night it was Slackjaw who tore the roof off the Pattenburg. We played until close to 2am, our originals and some covers. A female fan favorite “Cry On Me” was revered with woman’s tears. Then we switched gears to end the first set with our most Metal rendition of “When I Did Nothing Wrong”. That song can be distinguished as “Metal Slide Blues in Open D”. Towards the end of the night we had some incredible guest appearances by Steve “The Doctor” and the incredible Mike Frank on guitar. They brought the funk to mix with the blues for a little while. We played a funky version of “After Midnight” with Carl switching to the role of funky bass mastah. Mike Frank and John switched off burning solos while The Doc gave us the beats of Dr. Funkenstein on drums. We ended the night with “On My Way Home”, “Back On Track”, and a hard rendition of beatles favorite: “Helter Skelter”.

Note: Band pics will be posted later.

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