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New Theme! Hope you like it! More posts to come about Slackjaw and other music bits!

Starbucks changing to 2 at a time.


According to the Wall Street Journal,  Starbucks is lowering the number of simultanious drinks being made to 2 at a time.  I personally think that it will end up being less room for error but longer lines will form.  Starbucks stores that have high volume will take the biggest hit.  This includes mall stores, big city stores (eg. NYC), etc.
These stores are also most prone to error because of the high volume of customers they serve.  Baristas will be found forming 6-7 drinks at the same time and trying to keep them organized and on the right track.  Starbucks is responding to a report that states a certain error margin that they’d like to lower, and I agree with their solution.  It will take time for the baristas to adjust to this new way of making drinks but I think it will end up for the better.

What do you think?


Slackjaw site update!

So the Slackjaw site is receiving a much needed renovation.  The work is being done by our good friend Chester Hunt.  During the renovation, our upcoming gigs are still listed on the site, but everything else is being changed.  We will finally have a Bio page as well as a band photo, two things that were missing from the previous version.  You can check the site at for updates!  Thanks!

Living with the LG Ally, second ed.

So I have been living with the LG Ally for some time now, and I have noticed a few things that might be of use to people who might buy this wonderful piece of engineering.  If you are a businessman, you might want to get a different mobile device, since the amount of memory and processing power of the Ally is a bit less than it’s Android-powered counterparts.  I will list some of the apps I’ve been using.  I will not create links to them since you can look them up yourself using the Android Market, or just Google for them on your computer.

Taskos – This is a wonderful task manager.  I’ve been using this for about a week now and it’s a great home place where I can list all the things I have to do while I’m on the go.  It has an in app call function that allows it to access your contacts.  For instance you can add a task that says “Call John” and it will list all the contacts that are named John and place a call button next to the said task.  You can set the importance of the task from low to high, assign a category (eg. errands, general, projects, etc.) and sort by category or importance.  You can also use Google’s wonderful voice function to say the task and it will record it for you.  Alternatives: link to Google Tasks Mobile.

Shopper (Google) – This is an app that’s great for shopping.  It can scan barcodes of any product and give you reviews and price information.  It can also recognize cover art of certain products, like movies, dvds, games, etc.  I’ve used it many times with great success.  The alternative to this that I’ve seen is Barcode Scanner.

Blogging – There are official apps for Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress, and all 3 work great.  I particularily like the WordPress app.  All 3 allow you to post photos and such.  There is also AnyPost, which is a app for Android.  It does everything does, and also shows your recent posts.  It also has a location function and photo function.

gStrings – This is a musical tuner.  It works fairly well and has a good UI.

GPS programs – Google Navigation Beta and Speedview are great.  Speedview is basically a digital speedometer/compass/odometer and Google Navigation is basically a great GPS for your phone which syncs with Google Maps.  Also, when you reach your destination, it gives you the Google Street View of said destination, which helps to find what your looking for.

WoW Android Apps – I’ve downloaded the WoW Droid Armory, the Authenticator, and the WoW Remote Auction.  The Droid Armory is great as it allows you to see extended information about any character on WoW, and comes with a nifty little widget.

Calendar – This application is Google Calendar on your Android phone.  It syncs with the online Google Cal.

Ringdroid – This is a ring editor.  It allows you to make up custom ringtones using the music collection on your phone.  It has a great audio editor, so you can get the exact part of the song you want to hear when someone calls you.  You can also attach specific songs to specific contacts.

VirtualRecorder – is an audio recorder for your phone.  The audio quality is excellent, and I’ve used it for anything from remembering song ideas to recording guitar to recording a full band.  It is very sensitive and has a preamp function to make it even more sensitive, but I haven’t seen a function that reduces gain, which would be helpful for recording live bands.

Mobile Metronome – This is a fully functional metronome for free!  It’s amazing!  Great for drummers or any musician.  There is a separate volume bar for this app, which is a little weird since you can just use the volume buttons on the side of the phone.  You can change the sound of the click, change the time signature, tap tempo, subdivision, and there’s a touch bpm slider.  Thumbs up on this app.

I’m currently experimenting with ThinkFree Office, which was an app that came bundled with the phone.  I haven’t found a way to uninstall it to make room for more apps, since there are other apps out there that handle documents.  I don’t particularly care for it at the moment; it’s slow and cumbersome.  It is far from a light document editor, and in my opinion, is too feature rich and takes up too much memory for a mobile office app.

These apps I’ve listed are the apps I use and need most.  I haven’t included Seesmic, Google Maps, and Gmail, although I do like them a lot but they are self explanatory.  Seesmic is a twitter app.  Also, all the apps I’ve listed are free, so dl them!

Thoughts on Ipad

Omfg the ipad is more amazing than my phone!  It even has a wordpress app and a tumblr app.  I started to figure out how cool it would be to
Omfg the ipad is more amazing than my phone! It even has a wordpress app and a tumblr app. I started to figure out how cool it would be to be using one of those around the house or blogging on it sitting in a local starbucks, using its big touch screen keyboard. The thing that amazed me the most was the intuitive nature of how it effortlessly adjusts to your viewing angle. If you want to view it in landscape, you just tilt it, and every interface adjusts smoothly. It’s neat but will I buy one? Possibly in the future, but no for the meantime.

A night at Lenny’s Night Out!




Slackjaw and the hillbilly Hershall Dow played tonight at Lenny’s Night Out at KC’s Corner in South Plainfield NJ.  I have no pictures of us because I forgot to give someone the camera before I went up.
But I was able to take pictures of some of the other bands that played.  One band worth mentioning is the Lou Gatewood band.  This guy reminded me of a mellow Jimi Hendrix.  Great funky blues rock style, and they even did a funky version of “What’s Goin On”.
Also, there were a couple of kids that have their guitar chops down pat.  The one in the picture played a straight up Gibson Les Paul, and a real one too.  It was a great night.

Acquired the LG Ally


I now have possesion of a smartphone for the first time.  I have been opened up to a whole new world of possibilities.  Almost anything that can be done on a PC with internet access can also be done with an Android smartphone.

For instance, this entire blog post was written using my phone’s WordPress android app.  This app has every feature of the WordPress dashboard available to me.  Any task that I might want to accomplish can be done using this phone.  I have access to the world’s knowledge anywhere at any time. 

Another interesting observation is that it is quicker to jot down a note on my phone’s tactile keyboard than it is to write it down on a piece of paper.  This is a complete infomatic evolution. This section of the paragraph is written with voice recognition.

I will attach a picture for the sole purpose of amazing myself with this technology.

A Night at the Pattenburg

Last night it was Slackjaw who tore the roof off the Pattenburg. We played until close to 2am, our originals and some covers. A female fan favorite “Cry On Me” was revered with woman’s tears. Then we switched gears to end the first set with our most Metal rendition of “When I Did Nothing Wrong”. That song can be distinguished as “Metal Slide Blues in Open D”. Towards the end of the night we had some incredible guest appearances by Steve “The Doctor” and the incredible Mike Frank on guitar. They brought the funk to mix with the blues for a little while. We played a funky version of “After Midnight” with Carl switching to the role of funky bass mastah. Mike Frank and John switched off burning solos while The Doc gave us the beats of Dr. Funkenstein on drums. We ended the night with “On My Way Home”, “Back On Track”, and a hard rendition of beatles favorite: “Helter Skelter”.

Note: Band pics will be posted later.